It is about economic reconciliation...

Who are we...

A diverse team of senior professionals working to create new business models for all of Canada to achieve economic reconciliation

What is Project Reconciliation...

Project Reconciliation is the brand for our vision to grow Indigenous generational wealth in Canada
Project Reconciliation is an initiative, it is not a company
It has no interest, nor is it an owner of any current or future entity supporting its vision

Our Vision

Establishing a foundation to grow inclusive Indigenous inter-generational wealth

Path forward for Indigenous inter-generational wealth...

Our business includes empowering and inclusive frameworks of partnerships to foster economic independence and strengthen environmental stewardship for Canada’s Indigenous Peoples

Bridging the Gap

Facilitating a pivot in Canada’s resource and infrastructure ownership.

A Future Long Overdue

Integrating Corporate best practices and Indigenous traditional governance and environmental stewardship.

The Right Approach

Creating sustainable generational revenue streams and decision making for major Canadian infrastructure and energy transition projects.

Project Reconciliation Initiatives (PRI)

Our unique independent entities designed to move our PRI vision into reality

**Project Reconciliation is not a company and therefore has no interest, nor is it an owner, of any of the above entities.

**Each entity is independent of each other and has no interest or ownership of the other.

**ISWF does not exist at this time. It is a path to the goal of economic reconciliation.

"Indigenous Economic Sovereignty
is the foundation for Sovereignty"

Our framework for Indigenous inter-generational wealth creation will support nations
from managing poverty to managing wealth
Reconciliation Energy Transition Inc. (RETI) is our independent development company focusing on emerging low carbon energy transition projects in partnership with industry and Indigenous nations.

Our Project Portfolios

Such as: hydrogen, minerals for batteries, etc.