ISWF will become Indigenous capital to invest in the early-stage development of major low-carbon energy transition projects.

Creating Powerful

Leverage for Change

ISWF exemplifies how partnerships between Indigenous peoples and industry are essential to shaping Canada’s energy future and ensuring Indigenous nations benefit more directly from the emerging net zero energy projects

Developing a

New Economic Table

Indigenous material ownership of resource infrastructure is long overdue
It is time to create a new table where Indigenous people have direct influence on decisions that impact our land and waters to build a brighter future for generations

Canada’s Low Carbon Energy Transition Economy

As the global clean technology market grows to an estimated $2.5 trillion by 2022, Project Reconciliation’s Indigenous Sovereign Wealth ESG Fund 1 (“ISWF1”) provides the foundation for Canada’s Indigenous Peoples and communities to partner with industry in energy transition development projects.


ISWF1 will invest with industry partners with strong technical operating capabilities and the financial capacity to develop innovative energy transition projects.
Material Indigenous equity interests, bringing the ISWF1 Indigenous partners “to the table” in operating decisions with industry and RETI.


Upon Project Reconciliation’s successful transaction of Trans Mountain Corporation (TMC) through Rec Inc and on advice with ISWF1’s Indigenous Advisory Council and the discretion of each Indigenous nation, a portion of Indigenous-owned dividends earned from TMC pipeline operations will be reinvested into a ISWF2

Ground-Up, Early-Stage
Energy Transition Projects

Indigenous nations impacted by energy transition projects in which an ISWF invests will earn an early stage equity interest.
Once projects reach commercial-on-stream date, Indigenous communities have the option to purchase an increased equity interest.
Approach creates significant Indigenous equity participation – sharing in the operational and financial success of these projects.


Real Economic Reconciliation will take ALL of us.

Working together, Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people,
can change the existing business development model
by creating Indigenous capital for Indigenous nations in Canada.


Billions of dollars of Indigenous capital to invest in future energy transition and infrastructure projects to grow annual distribution payments beyond seven generations for community services and programs.